The first Eco-crystal Glass produced with respect for the environment and without emission of fumes. Fully tested and safe. 100% recyclable

0% Smoke emissions
in atmosfera*

RCR uses only electric ovens.

*The melting and refining process is completely electric (furnaces and canals) and without fumes.


Absolute pure raw materials used. 99,9% the percentage of internal cullet recovery.

Production area CO2 Neutral

We have completed the ecological transition thanks to the total electrification of the production process

Savings energetic

RCR in the last 10 years, with the same tons produced:

has reduced its electric consumption by 45% which is the equivalent of average consumption of a village of 5.845 people



Has reduced its gas consumption by 28% the equivalent of 2.586 residential heaters.




At RCR the energy is constantly recycled.

At RCR we do not waste energy as it is constantly recycled. The energy released by machines is recovered and reused while the heating is conveyed in order to fuel the heating system


In the period 2020-2022 we increased internal water recycling by 170%


Since 2006 RCR has chosen not to use it anymore raw materials that release nitrogen oxides, the main responsible for acid rainpigments.

Ethical approach in managing raw materials

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