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RCR Italian Glassware


“To be the most innovative and reliable supplier of high quality crystal glass, the quintessence of Italian design in every moment of consumers' lives”


crystal glass, called Luxion® compliant with high ethical and environmental standards, produced with the attention to detail typical of the craftsman

RCR Cristalleria Italiana was born in 1967 in the heart of Tuscany from an idea of a group of craftsmen who, with courage and talent, expressed the highest level pigments.

Through our website we hope to be able to convey all the passion with which we live every day the values that make our company unique in the world,love for guarantee and full respect for the environmentpigments.

All products are made of crystal glass, called Luxion® a material of the highest quality, created with full respect for the environmentpigments.

The fusion process is totally electric to limit the emission of fumes into the atmosphere. The production site is located in the Carbon Neutral area of the Province of Siena and has no chimneys, giving life to productspigments.

Today RCR Cristalleria Italiana stands out in the offer of tableware, perfect tasting, homeware casa and mixology, mixing tradition with a fervent activity of innovation, the design and research, aiming to satisfy those who use our products in consumption opportunities .

Choosing RCR Cristalleria Italiana means focusing on Made in Italy quality Made in Italywith the awareness of having done good for yourself and for the environment around us.

Production Made in Italy

We have a single production plant, located in the heart of Chianti, in Colle di Vald'Elsa (Tuscany), where around 300 people work. The entire production process takes place in Italy, from the design to the final productpigments.

at 360°

RCR puts the quality of the product, service, environment and people at the center of its project. By prioritizing these at every level, RCR sets a benchmark for industry excellence.

3 different Technologies

RCR is one of the most innovative and flexible factories in the world, able to use 3 tecnologies under the same roof, to offer to all consumers Blown, Pressed and Bottledpigments.

Made in Italy

The production takes place entirely in Italy, in a single factory located in Tuscanywhere, through complete vertical integration,every single step of the production process pigments.

We are a certified to offer service guarantees to our customers and we export to over 110 countries around the world, guarantee of globally recognized qualitypigments.


Internal production process from design to production.

Internal production of moulds.


Three quality checks during the production cycle

Quality of:

The quality of the RCR product begins in the design phase, where all possible precautions are studied to make each of our products very resistant, while the natural transparency and brilliance of our patented material Luxion® complete the work. During the production process, 3 quality controls take place which allow us to be considered among the companies with the best quality standards, after passing the electronic controls, the last check before packaging the product is always human.

The entire melting process is completely electric and aimed at a continuous reduction in consumption, an activity that has allowed us to reduce CO2 emissions by a quarter from 2008 to today (certified under ETS). RCR is included in the CO2 Neutral area of the province of Siena, www.carbonneutralsiena.it and was awarded in 2015 for its commitment to environmental protection and its contribution to achieving the Terre di Siena Carbon Free purpose. We create a product that can be recycled countless times, with the least possible impact on the environment and we are part of the Print Relief project, the first platform in the world for certified reforestation and carbon offsetting.

We try to offer the best possible service to our customers and, without pretending to be perfect, we are proud to boast thirty years of collaborations with some of them. Our communication channels are always open for any type of feedback both through the email info@rcrcrystal.com and through the Social Networks.

We strongly believe in a fundamental concept: “Promoting the well-being of people leads to the success of the company”. Investing in people is not a simple slogan for us but a priority. Among the various activities we have set up an internal training project called "RCR Academy”, a real university where you can train and grow together.

3 different technologies

Competence and flexibility. RCR is one of the most innovative and flexible factories in the world, which uses all possible production technologies to combine tradition with cutting-edge Italian Designpigments.

RCR Cristalleria Italiana - Pressato category, 2 glasses and a vase on a white background


RCR Cristalleria Italiana - Puffed, 3 different sizes of goblets on a white background




Logo del management system certification
Company with Management system certified by DNV GL


RCR Cristalleria Italiana S.p.A. has for years had a Code of Ethics aimed at ensuring conditions of correctness and transparency in internal management, in line with the provisions of Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, n. 231 and by the Organisation, Management and Control Model adopted.

Furthermore, RCR Cristalleria Italiana S.p.A. has activated an internal reporting system (so-called whistleblowing) of acts or facts that may concern actions or omissions relating to hypotheses of illicit conduct relevant pursuant to the Legislative Decree. n. 231/2001, of the Organisation, Management and Control Model, of the Code of Ethics or in any case harm the interest or integrity of RCR Cristalleria Italiana S.p.A., in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 24/2023. The reporting methods are indicated in the Code of Ethics.