Set Mixology
Dof Tumblers

Mixology sets are ubiquitous behind the counters of the best bars around the world. Used by the best mixologists, they give style and structure to all types of cocktails. The sets consist of 4 dof glasses or 4 hb glasses in 4 different styles, a Timeless, a Tattoo, an Oasis and the classic Melodia and are also ideal to be used at the table for water or fruit juices, to get out of the schemes and let your guests choose the style that best represents them.

1 MELODIA glass
cl 31 oz 10,48
h. 94 mm

1 TATTOO glass
cl 34 oz 11,40
h. 94 mm

1 OASIS glass
cl 32 oz 10,65
h. 93 mm

1 TIMELESS glass
cl 36 oz 12,17
h. 92 mm

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