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RCR Cristalleria Italiana, a leading company in the world of table furnishings, mixology, tasting and home furnishings in superior sonorous glass, thrilled cocktail enthusiasts with Mixology Day. The event, which will also reach the rest of Italy, sees the extraordinary participation of Drink Artist Danny del Monaco, RCR Brand Ambassador, who shares secrets and tips for making perfect cocktails with all participants. Mixology Day is the format created by RCR with the aim of presenting news in the Mixology world to operators, partners and enthusiasts, from the most important mixing techniques, to new trends, up to the recipes of the most famous drinks and their history. But it is also an opportunity to show and illustrate the various types of use of the individual products linked to the creation of cocktails, glasses and glasses included. The event intends to confirm the positioning of RCR Cristalleria Italiana in the world of mixology products, presenting its innovations in terms of materials, including Luxion®, the superior sound glass patented by RCR and 100% recyclable. This material ensures quality performance, linked to sound, transparency, brilliance and resistance, making RCR products the ideal choice for cocktail lovers. Danny Del Monaco, RCR Brand Ambassador, has been collaborating with the Colle Val d'Elsa company for more than 10 years, accompanying it on initiatives, events and training days around Italy. His experience and his passion for the art of mixing made the event a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and non-aficionados alike. Thanks to training sessions and practical demonstrations by drink artist Danny from Monaco, participants can not only learn mixing techniques and discover new cocktail recipes, but also understand the importance of choosing the right products to present. For the occasion, RCR Cristalleria Italiana presented a selection of high quality products, perfect for creating extraordinary cocktails. These are the DOF glass, the Balloon Goblet, the Martini and the CH cup from the Melodia collection. “Events such as Mixology Day are of fundamental importance in positioning our company as a partner and opinion leader in the world of mixology, comments Roberto Pierucci, CEO of RCR Cristalleria Italiana. “When we studied the concept of these events we wanted them to become the moment in which mixology enthusiasts, professional bartenders, industry representatives and professionals could meet to discover all the secrets of the art of mixing. The collaboration with Kasanova allows us to present RCR innovations to the end consumer with the dual educational and informative purpose of explaining the various types of use of the individual products". . The RCR Mixology Day has already stopped in Turin in March and in Milan, both at the Kasanova stores. New dates are planned throughout the country in the coming weeks, including with new partners. “We are very satisfied with these first days. The format immediately proved to be a precious opportunity to create connections and develop relationships in a sector so attentive to fashion, style and creativity, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences and opportunities for collaboration", concludes Pierucci.

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RCR promotes safety inside and outside the company: two defibrillators have been installed, one available to the citizens of Colle di Val d'Elsa

“Doing good for people and the environment is good for business”, this is the inspiring principle of RCR Cristalleria Italiana's choices and which leads to concrete facts for the well-being of its employees and the entire community of Colle di Val d'Elsa . The latest news concerns safety and health protection, in fact two semi-automatic external defibrillators (AED) have just been installed at its headquarters. The first defibrillator was installed within the company in a point crossed daily by hundreds of employees, to ensure prompt intervention in the event of a cardiac emergency. The second defibrillator, however, was positioned outside, in front of the reception, in a strategic position accessible to all. The decision to make the defibrillator available to the entire community responds to RCR's desire to actively contribute to the safety of the area, offering a life-saving tool in a busy residential area which hosts numerous activities, including bars, restaurants, a sports field and tennis courts.

“The installation of the defibrillators is a significant step in our ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of both our employees and the local community,” said Roberto Pierucci, CEO of RCR Cristalleria Italiana. “We firmly believe that safety is an essential value and we are proud to be able to offer a concrete contribution to the protection of human life”.

Every year, in Italy, around 57,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest and the use of a defibrillator quickly significantly reduces short- and long-term mortality. Thanks to law n° 120 of 2001, anyone who knows how to use the semi-automatic defibrillator can intervene by restoring the heart rhythm, safely, while waiting for help, reducing the percentage of adverse cases.
RCR Cristalleria Italiana thus continues to prove itself as a cutting-edge company, not only for the quality of its products, but also for its attention to people and the territory in which it operates. This initiative adds to a series of measures already in place to ensure a safe and sustainable working environment, reiterating the central role of corporate social responsibility in RCR's corporate strategies.

The RCR Mixology Day stopped in Naples!

The RCR Mixology Day stopped in Naples, at the CIS in Nola at Casolaro Hotellerie for an event dedicated to innovations in the field of bartending in the company of Danny Del Monaco!

The event, completely free, saw the participation of operators, partners and enthusiasts who tried their hand at preparing 5 cocktails created in glasses and stemware from the Timeless RCR collection.

Seasonality, wellbeing, reinterpretation of the great classics and the cocktail pairing trend were the themes addressed during the masterclass.

RCR has once again positioned itself as a reference company and maximum interpreter of cocktail art, capable of addressing both sector professionals and the increasingly attracted, attentive and curious private consumer with an eye always turned to innovations in the mixology field.