The province of Siena is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is renowned for its artistic and natural beauty. RCR has gauged its environmental policy to respect this district. Thanks to the awareness of local government with regard to high environmental standards, in 2013 the Province of Siena was the first large-scale area in Europe to have obtained certification of negative CO2 emissions.


RCR is a green company that respects the environment and the company has always focused on its commitment to research, techno-scientific resources and investments in sustainable development and environmental issues, with the aim of reconciling production processes and energy supply procurement, where possible renewable (such as newly installed photovoltaic panels), with social equity and environmental balance, safeguarding both the plant’s internal and external surroundings.

RCR uses advanced eco-friendly technologies
RCR produces 100% with electric furnaces
RCR uses 100% energy from renewable sources

LUXION® eco-crystal glass, the first eco-crystal glass, is an ultraclear crystal glass produced with electric furnaces with zero atmospheric discharge. The electric furnaces are powered by electrical energy derived directly or indirectly from renewable sources and pure raw materials, which allow to obtain a material with maximum brilliance and transparency, without using bleaching and highly polluting agents.
LUXION® eco-crystal glass is a 100% recyclable material: not only are its production cullet glass fed back into the production process as raw materials, but only eco-crystal glass cullet can be recycled in RCR’s furnaces so as not to contaminate the quality of its material. At RCR, the best strategy has always been not to pollute, because safeguarding the environment is good for business.

9% biomass
16% photovoltaic
75% geothermal


Electric furnaces

  • Respect for the environment
  • Ongoing research into renewable energy sources
  • Zero atmospheric discharge
  • Superior quality glass achieved through enhanced production process control


Purest raw materials

  • Maximum brilliance and transparency to be obtained without use of highly polluting bleaching agents
  • Production of LUXION® ULTRACLEAR CRYSTAL GLASS, the first true ECO CRYSTAL, material that can be 100% recycled in the glass market

Eco-friendly systems

  • Biomass power plant
  • 23,000 m2 of roofs, replaced by photovoltaic panels


No pollution

  • Every possible polluting agent is monitored daily by the internal laboratory and adequately measured and recorded
  • The best strategy is not to have the best anti-pollution plans, the best strategy is not to pollute”

RCR eco-crystal glass