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for each occasion of use



We furnish your table by proposing alternative solutions for those who love to personalize and make every day and every meal special. The most avant-garde restaurants choose us every day because they know what it means to make the experience of lunch, dinner and party unforgettable. It is always worthwhile to surround yourself with the things we love, giving us the greatest gift every day: attention to detail.



We are sponsors of AIBES and IBA, the largest associations of mixologists and bartenders in the world, who choose our products to enhance their creations, from the great classics to the most avant-garde experiments. The most innovative professionals know how important it is to choose the most suitable tools for each type of cocktail and to use sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients and materials.


Selection Sommelier

"Savoring a good wine is an art that involves all the senses. Because if smell and taste have to be caressed, the gaze wants to be captured, seduced. "

And if Luca Martini, best Sommelier in the world 2013 tells us, it can only become a style imperative.



Le collezioni arredo casa sono create per arredare con la luce e per riflettere lo stile personale. Vasi, centrotavola e complementi d’arredo versatili e di design, attraggono lo sguardo di chi condivide il tuo stile di vita e la cura per il particolare.