RCR Italian Glassware


"To be a reliable, cutting edge supplier of superior
quality crystal glass, the quintessence of Italian
of Italian design in every moment of the life of consumers "


“Industrial, eco-friendly, state-of-the-art ultraclear crystal glass,
compliant with ethical and environmental standards,
made with the care typical of artisanal production”

RCR Cristalleria Italiana was born in 1967 in the heart of Tuscany thanks to an idea had by a group of craftsmen who, with passion and talent, brought the millenary tradition of glassmaking to a higher levelpigments.

By introducing our website, we hope to you how passionately we hold on to the values that make our company one of a kind, ourlove for recognized quality and total respect for the environmentpigments.

All our products are made of Eco-Crystal, a material of the highest qualityand made with total respect for the environmentpigments.
Our factory has no need of
a smokestack because our production is emission free and uses renewable energy to create 100% recyclable productspigments.

Today, RCR Cristalleria Italiana stands out in the market oftableware, perfect, home furnishings and mixology, combining tradition with fervent innovation, design and research, aiming to satisfy those who use our products for all occasions .

Choosing RCR Cristalleria Italiana and Crystal Eco-Crystal means counting on Made-in-Italy quality, knowing that you have done the right thing for your business and for the environment.

Production Made in Italy

Production takes place entirely in one factory, located in the heart of Chianti, in Colle di Vald’Elsa (Tuscany), where about 300 persons. All production process take place in Italy, from design to the final productpigments.

Crystal Eco-Crystal

Every RCR product is made in Eco-Crystal 100% Recyclable.A production entirely sustainable and that is safe, without smoke emission , using renewable energypigments.

3 different Technologies

RCR is one of the most innovative and flexible and flexible factories in the world. Able to use 3 tecnologies in a single factory, in order to offer to its own customers Blown, Pressed and Bottlespigments.

Made in Italy

The production takes place all in Italy in a single factory located in Tuscany, where, through a complete vertical integration, is taken care of every single passage by productive processpigments.

We are a process company, to offer guarantees on service to our customers and we export to over 110 countries in the world, in order to guarantee a recognized quality at the overallpigments.


Internal production process from design to production.

Internal production of molds.


Seven quality controls for each item produced.

The whole production process is fully electric and aimed to a continuous reduction in consumption.


At RCR we do not waste energy as it is constantly recycled. The energy released by machines is recovered and reused while the heating is conveyed in order to fuel the heating system

We recycle 40% of water employed in the productive process while the part that we cannot recycle is decanted and treated to make it extremely pure.

RCR has decide not to use raw materials that release nitrogen oxides. We decided to make our products without using rare raw materials that are usefull for medical purposes.

3 different technologies

Competence and flexibility. RCR is one of the most innovative and flexible factories in the world, which uses all possible production technologies to combine the tradition with your ITALIAN DESIGN at the most forefrontpigments.