RCR lets you customize your product with the most advanced Made in Italytechniques, resulting in the highest quality work, that is safe and resistant over time.

Mould embossing

Each glass and goblet can be customized with your company logo engraved in the glass in bas-relief. The logo will be placed on the bottom, therefore clearly visible every time the glass is used, while for the wine glass , it can also be placed on the foot. A possibility that requires a decidedly limited investment and minimum production, but with a certain return on image and a finished product of the highest qualitypigments.

Diamond engraving

RCR is one of the few glassmakers with an in-house engraving department , which allows for high-quality customisations. The engravings are done by specialised personnel versions diamond wheels and can be either frosted or polished based on customer requirements.

to sand

The design on the product is obtained by sandblasting, which creates a refined frosted effect , that brings to mind the finest craftsmanship. The engraving is deeper than a laser engraving, but more nuanced and minimal in the detailspigments. resistant .


A high-tech process that uses a laser to engrave the product, which allows for very detaileddecoration. It is a flexiblecustomisation method, perfect both for a company logo that can be applied on any smooth surface and for or fine-line and all aroundpigments. resistant .

Pour line

With laser engraving, it is possible to add a pour line to any glass, for a perfect wine tasting experience. The pour line is resistant to industrial dishwashers.


This is the process that allows for the greatest number of details and the only one that allows the application of coloured decorations with organic and processpigments. resistant .


Our products are coloured with certified organic colours and process using nebulised air, offering a translucent colour resistant .

Gold and platinum edging

Typical of RCR’s top-tier traditional tableware , in gold and Platinum versions , using the nuance required by the customer. The decoration is resistantbut the items should be washed with care , using non-abrasivedetergents. A customization method that applies a band or fine-line and rim of the product.

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