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Biagio Cisotti was born in Aradeo, Lecce, and lives and works in Florence where he obtained a degree in architecture in 1980. In 1990 he founded, together with other Florentine architects, MADE, an association and exhibition space for the promotion of initiatives associated with architecture and design.
He teaches in Florence, at the ISIA since 1989, and industrial design at the architecture faculty in 2003.
In 2000 he held a design master class in Montevideo (U). He lectures in Europe and in South America and he hold a Design workshop in Marrakesh (2013). He acts as art director for several Italian companies.

Sandra Laube was born in Frankfurt (D), and lives and works in Florence. She obtained a degree in industrial design in 1993 at the ISIA. In 1992 she spent a semester at the College of Art and Design of Minneapolis (USA) and worked for a period at the 3M headquarters in that city, in the communication and image department.
She teaches in Florence at Polimoda. She has held courses in collaboration with at the Florentine
branch of the Fashion Institute of Technology di New York and the University of Florence.

The partnership between the two designers commenced in 1992; their projects have been selected for important design awards, exhibited in various museums and published, on a national and international level. A solo exhibition on their work, “Wohnperspektiven”, was held in Rottweil (D) in 1996.

The first contact with the company came about thanks to art director Manola del Testa and developed over time during discussions with Laura Bucci, head of communications.
Working with the staff, the theme and the technological difficulties made the project one of the most interesting design challenges. Focusing thoughts on the natural element meant water was always present, a symbol of purity and one of Nature’s main ecosystem components, the basis of all life forms: the origin of life itself.
Reflection and transmission are the phenomena that occur when light interacts with matter: when radiant energy touches a body. In David Hume’s concept, reflection restores images and emotions experienced empirically and immediately to the intellect, thus originating “ideas”, a kind of resonance, of some force and incisiveness, depending on the degree of intensity...

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