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RCR laboratories have developed a new generation of LUXION®, authentic lead-free eco glass and a state-of-the-art ultra-clear material!

Brilliant, transparent, naturally safe, LUXION® is friendly glass, an eco-friendly material for every moment of daily life, just like real friends. Safe and trustworthy, it safeguards all the characteristics of any content as it does not alter flavours and aromas.

The key features of LUXION® are its brilliance, transparency, machinability, hydrolytic resistance, and it is dishwasher-proof even for professional uses.

LUXION® is the brightest material on the crystal glass panorama. The refraction value of LUXION® is higher than any of its chief competitors.

LUXION® is ULTRACLEAR glass and complies with European Standard ISO/PAS IWA 8:2009 since it meets the minimum requisites for absence of colour (chromaticity of less than 0.5) and transparency (internal transmission over two centimetres in excess of 98.8%) with ample margins: LUXION® is the most transparent crystal glass on the market. LUXION® is the most transparent crystal glass on the market. With these characteristics LUXION® is the ideal material for tastings and for the HORECA and hospitality industry since it enhances the sensory profile and analysis of any beverage it contains, in no way altering the taste of its contents.

Unlike poorer materials, LUXION® is formulated to allow moulding of complex, even extreme shapes, which is a precious feature for manufacturers but also for users, who can easily appreciate the results. Moreover, LUXION® is formulated for undergoing all standard second machining cycles easily, a key feature for anyone using semi-finished items made from this material.

Hydrolytic resistance and dishwasher-proof 
The hydrolytic class is an important parameter for a material that is in contact with food, because it expresses the material’s tendency to release substances and for this reason must fall within the highest possible hydrolytic class. In addition, the greater the hydrolytic resistance, the lower the tendency for surface clouding.

LUXION® offers better resistance to detergent action and excellent strength and stability during dishwasher use, tested for over 4,000 real washes without a hint of clouding.  

is also a lightweight and resilient material: the substances from which it derives, like titanium, quartz and aluminium, and the special thermal process to which it is subjected, give it lightness and strength, making it the ideal material for professional catering, where utensils must be reusable at length, versatile and machine washable even for countless cycles.

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