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LUXION®is a brand new material, created at the RCR laboratories with a special mix of the purest raw material.

  • Why is LUXION® an innovation?

Because, for the production of this material, RCR has made use of the most up-to-date technology that allows the best quality with the least environmental impact plus advantages for the end user, such as more resistant to washing cycles and less breakage.

  • Why is LUXION® brilliant?

Because it has an index of refraction of 1,5425, which is very close to that of crystal; 1,545.  LUXION® has a higher index of refraction than other crystal glass products that is around 1,525.

  • Why is LUXION®  transparent and colourless?

Because only the purest raw materials are used to manufacture LUXION® therefore the material has next to no residual colour.  Thanks to its unique transparency, light transmission from the  LUXION®  product is the highest of the industry.  The superior transparency and complete colourlessness of LUXION® makes it the ideal material for the production of wine-tasting products and drinkware for the hospitality industry.

  • Why does LUXION® remain clear?

Because it is resistant to humidity and does not mist over even in tropical climates where high temperatures and frequent showers are normal.  LUXION® products have a high hydrolytic resistance (3rd class) as per the DIN 12111 legislation,  similar to lead crystal.

  • Why is LUXION® washable in the dishwasher?

Although, LUXION® is a light material, it has a high level of hardness giving LUXION® great stability and resistance in the dishwasher.  This resistance and lightness makes it particularly practical and versatile for everyday use in the home, above all as far as tableware is concerned.


LUXION®is a registered trade mark.

With LUXION®, we presented a real challenge to the other operators in the quality domestic glassware market, a sector that has been characterised for some time by marketing operations and not enhanced with any real technological innovations.

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